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Permanent Jobs Needed - Sharjah

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We are a small business who are connecting substitute teachers with esteemed schools across Dubai. 

We are growing our pool of teachers that schools can access to request substitute/supply work in their school. We help schools manage their teacher absences and find excellent teachers to continue the learning for the children when their class teacher is absent. 

For the substitute teachers, we provide an excellent path to work and experience different schools, children, cultures and curriculums that may help with finding a permanent position. Furthermore, you may be looking for a more flexible life but still keeping within the education sector and earning some extra money. Our company allows you to accept or decline any jobs as and when you would like. 

If you are a school who would like to learn more about our service, please email us at 

Similarly, if you are a substitute teacher hoping for some work, please also email us at 


Olivia Russell

The Staff Room Coordinator