sales coordinator

  • Ebdaa Alafaq Information Technology L.l.c, looking for a sales coordinator to provide the necessary support
  • r to the team 

Experience in marketing ERP systems.

  • Generating leads by contacting potential or existing customers to introduce the company and our products
  • Answering queries about the company and its products
  • Qualifying customers and identification of key contacts by engaging with them on the phone
  • Understanding customer requirements and presenting the appropriate products as solutions
  • Issuing proposals and closing deals on the phone where possible
  • Coordinating sales meetings with the field sales team as required
  • Maintaining detailed records of customer information and all customer interactions
  • Meeting sales and marketing campaign targets
  • Representing the company from time to time at industry events Read Less

Desired candidate profile:

  • High graduation (information technology).
  • Indian, Filipino.
  • Work experience in the UAE.
  • Relationship Effectiveness a. Strong Communicator- Professional verbal and written communication skills; Articulation, grammar, and business writing. Listens to what the client/prospect has to say and can link what the client wants/needs to the service offering. Asks the right questions.
  • Relationship Builder - Connects with people, builds relationships, and creates a strong network.
  • Positive - Has a positive attitude, and is optimistic. Doesn't have to be the class clown, but can use humor to break the ice and connect with people.
  • Confident - Has self-confidence that instills sureness for the prospect/client. Is influential to gain buy-in. e. Trustworthy-Comes across as someone that the client/prospect wants to work with and trusts.
  • Sales Effectiveness a. Goal Oriented -Motivated by the company and/or personal goals (quota, revenue, gross profit, sales activity). b. Competitive - Hates to lose. Looks at sales as a competition. c. Financially Motivated –Views making money as a way to measure success.
  • Problem Solving a. Problem Solver - Can identify clients' needs/wants/problems and direct the sales message to the service offerings. Displays creativity in offering solutions.
  • Proactive- Actively looks for opportunities for sales and personal growth. Is (or has the initiative to become) a subject matter expert in staffing.
  • Time Management a. Manages Time Well-Exercises conscious control over time spent on activities to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. Does not get bogged down in details or wait until everything is perfect to act.
  • b. Prioritizes Efforts - Discerns the value of the deal versus the time and effort spent.
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تاريخ النشر: ١٥ سبتمبر ٢٠٢٢