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South Asia Consultancy FZE

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As discussed please find below the details of our company.

Services offered by South Asia Consultancy and Group Cos. in UAE regions:

Sectors in which South Asia Gulf Consultancy FZ LLC [TMC] and Group Cos.
provide Consultancy:

a] Education & Training & Manpower Services related

Health Care Sector:

1) Specialized in Health Care (Recruitment & Manpower
services to Health Care Sector.)

2) Buyouts and JV's in Health Care.

3) Mergers or Takeovers of Clinics.

b] Business Start-up: Free Zone companies or Mainland Company

c] Healthcare: Pharmaceuticals, In Vitro Diagnostics, Imaging, Hospital Supplies,
Water Purification Systems,

d] Retail: all sectors including Healthcare, luxury goods, personal care and
grooming, furniture, and various other segments

e] Satellite Communication

f] B2B, B2C Online Markets

g] Other niche sectors where our Group Companies are operating like VAT
Consultancy, HR Consultancy, Finance Consultancy

Business Consultancy [in all the sectors mentioned above]:

a] Market details in the UAE

b] Help you set up a firm in UAE if required

c] Manage your firm in UAE as per your vision and goals

d] Provide you links to relevant government agencies

e] Fix up appointments for you – especially relevant in Northern Emirates i.e.
Sharjah, Ajman, UAQ, RAK, and Fujairah.

f] Keep you updated on the sector relevant to your business in UAE, GCC or any
market in these regions selected by you

g] Conducting market surveys, test marketing – with or without 3rd party

h] Manage retail presence in UAE

i] Brand promotion, Promotional Campaigns, User trials

Logistic & Commercial Consultancy:

a] IMPEX regulations in the UAE

b] Finding the most cost-effective manner in which you could establish an
import-based business in UAE

c] Finding distributors and other channel partners for your business

d] Exporting goods from UAE to India and other countries.

Recruitment & Training:

For all types of business entities

Our India Operations for Oil and Gas segment.


South Asia consultancy (SAC), established in 2012, is a privately owned company
with head office situated at Sharjah UAE and operation office situated at
Ahmedabad India. SAC is an oil and gas operator as well as Service provider
Company in India and abroad.

To explore the new horizons in oil and gas, SAC management decided to enter the
petroleum Exploration and Production (E&P) sector after a change of
Government Policy, allowing new entrepreneurs to enter the oil and gas field
through ‘Discovered Small Oil and Gas Field’ (DSF-2016) Policy. Realizing the
opportunity SAC participated for South Patan Field, Gujarat in DSF-2016 bidding
round and successfully bagged the block.

As a service provider, we deliver rigs as well as crew for all kinds of
petroleum operations in onshore as well as offshore operations worldwide. We
have a giant network of oil and gas professionals to share and solve any problem
related to the oil and gas industry for all disciplines like drilling, completion,
logging, and well intervention. We are a known name in Offshore Man Management
Services. From the inception of the company, we are providing various Man
Management and O&M services of offshore Jack-up Drilling Rig in the Persian


The company is very much known in the Oil and Gas Sector and has been providing
Manpower service, from last one-year company has entered in Health care
manpower services business.

Let us meet to understand your needs in order to cater to them




Consistently Delivering
Unrivaled Manpower

Providing Technical and Operational Excellence

Recruitment of Best Personnel Available

Practical and Effective HR Management