General Accountant - UAE National Male Candidates Only

General Accountant - UAE National Male Candidates Only

Location: Abu Dhabi

Salary: AED. 23000 to AED.25000


Purpose of the Job:

To manage the Revenue and Accounts Receivable section and ensure that customers have been timely billed and payments are received and recorded in accordance with the established policies.


Key Accountabilities:

  • Reviews and reconciles value income from lease of land and building with the amount of given by the lessee and maintains records of payments. Prepares and follow ups on Lease Agreement invoice preparation to ensure timely payment.
  • Verifies and resolves all discrepancies identified in revenue reconciliations and issues in customer claims.
  • Determines the amount of interest income based on short term deposit receipt/ confirmations from the bank. Reconciles the amount credited in the bank statement and prepares the Journal Voucher to record the interest income.
  • Facilitates bank deposits, posts credit memos and updates customer accounts.
  • Manages and verifies accuracy of dividends received from Investee Company, records the document in the Journal Voucher and files documents for future reference.
  • Reviews and maintains record of interest income based on the fixed deposit receipt received from the Bank, reviews and documents sale of agricultural products, income from fines and penalties, tender bonds and prepayments.
  • Generate pre-payment report from the system and identifies the value of pre-paid expenses to be transferred to the income statement as expenses at the end of each quarter
  • Receives cash/cheque, for fines and penalties from the defaulter / from user department and Receives cash deposit from vendors for invitation to bid and prepares the Receipt Voucher and records the accounting entry in the system.
  • Maintains and updates a complete list of security deposits and post-dated checks received from the customers. Identify security deposits unclaimed for more than 3 months. Monitors and ensures accurate posting to various accounting records such as ledgers, journals, and subsidiary ledger to maintain the accounts receivable account.
  • Prepares and verify information provided to create credit and debit notes, invoices and journal vouchers (J.V).
  • Manages the processing of daily cash receipts, codes accounts receivable, sorts and posts incoming customer cheques and analyzes differences between invoices and cash received.
  • Sorts and files documents as needed.
  • Register invoices received from the vendors in the system and record the invoice receipt date
  • Prepares payable ageing analysis report based on the information maintained in database and identifies causes for delay in payments.
  • Review petty cash expense statement and bank guarantee statement, PC expense Statements for accuracy and verifies replenishment requests
  • Prepares list of recurring expenses and identifies goods and services which have been received by the company but for which invoices have not been received or approved.
  • Works in compliance of all accounts payable procedures within the required time frame.
  • Ensures timely settlement of Suppliers Invoices and Expenses.
  • Performs any other relevant task as directed by Finance Manager and CFO.



  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or equivalent


Relevant experience:

  • 1-3 years’ experience with at least 1 year relevant accounting experience

Post date: 26 September 2021
Publisher: Bayt
Post date: 26 September 2021
Publisher: Bayt